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Open Spatial Announces New Integrated DWG Viewer with ACDC Portal 3.0.4

Sydney, Australia — 14 May 2024 — Open Spatial is excited to unveil the latest enhancement to the As Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) Portal with the release of the ACDC Portal 3.0.4. This version integrates access to a powerful in-browser DWG Viewer. This new feature marks a significant advancement in how users interact with their as-constructed drawings. The ACDC Portal, known for facilitating the validation of as-constructed plans, including error checking and workflow control, now allows users to view both passed and failed drawings directly in the Portal, providing immediate and intuitive access.


The newly integrated DWG Viewer is designed to streamline workflows and improve productivity by allowing users to view detailed as-constructed drawings in the context of validation and approval. Key attributes and any associated errors or warnings are displayed directly within the viewer, with functionalities that enable users to zoom directly to these points of interest, enhancing the troubleshooting and review processes.

A screenshot of the new integrated DWG Viewer in the ACDC Portal zoomed to an error and displaying its properties directly within the browser.
A screenshot of the new integrated DWG Viewer in the ACDC Portal zoomed to an error and displaying its properties directly within the browser.

Key Features of the Integrated DWG Viewer:

  • Direct Access: Users within the ACDC Portal can elect to view the drawing from within any project, speeding up the process of drawing validation and review.

  • Error and Warning Visualization: Directly see and zoom to errors or warnings within your drawings, simplifying the process of corrections and updates.

  • Attribute Data Visualization: Easily access and view attribute data within the viewer, providing a comprehensive understanding of the assets in each drawing.

  • Customizable Viewing Experience: Choose between a light or dark background for optimal viewing comfort and clarity.

  • Measurement Tool: Measure lengths directly within the browser, eliminating the need for additional tools or switching between applications.


This newest release is part of Open Spatial’s ongoing commitment to provide robust and user-friendly solutions that support the needs of the asset management, GIS, and development communities from project inception to approval.


“By integrating the DWG Viewer into the ACDC Portal, we are empowering our users not just to manage and review their projects, but to drive results across teams, shortening the time required to validate the data included in as-constructed plan submittals and integrate it directly into GIS/AMMS systems,” said Johan Nel, Chief Technology Officer at Open Spatial. “This innovative solution drives efficiency and reduces the time for downloading and opening files between applications, streamlining the entire asset data capture process.”


For more information about the new DWG Viewer in the ACDC Portal and other features of our comprehensive geospatial solutions, please visit Open Spatial’s website at


About Open Spatial:

Open Spatial is a leading provider of spatial data management solutions for organizations in a wide range of industries. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Open Spatial has built a reputation for delivering innovative and easy-to-use solutions that help users to make better decisions and extract valuable insights from their spatial data.


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