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ACDC Customer Survey Report 2023

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

"Efficiency gains are the most obvious benefit... one full-time staff member at 38 hours per week transformed to 2 hours per week."


Image stating "461 average estimated person days saved per year, per organization" with ACDC

Open Spatial recently conducted a survey among existing As Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) customers to explore the impact of the solution on various operational aspects. Central to the survey were four pillars: time savings, data quality changes, volume of plans processed, and customers’ deployment experiences. These targeted areas offered an inclusive and multifaceted perspective on the effectiveness of ACDC in enhancing operational efficiency, data quality, and overall user experience.

Every organization that took part in the survey has utilized the ACDC solution for a period exceeding three years. This substantial duration has enabled them to extensively evaluate ACDC’s impact on their operations. The survey revealed that there is a broad spectrum of plan processing volumes, from a minimal 5 to a substantial 100+ plans annually. Such diversity underscores the scalability and adaptability of ACDC, catering to organizations of varied sizes and operational magnitudes.

Data Accuracy

One central aspect of the survey revolved around the impact of ACDC on data accuracy. To understand this, we asked customers to assign a confidence level to their data accuracy before and after the implementation of ACDC. The responses revealed a significant positive trend, illustrating a valuable improvement in data confidence post implementation of our solution.

Data accuracy is a critical aspect of operational decision-making. Greater confidence in data quality not only reduces the risk of errors but also fosters improved business decisions, efficiencies, and outcomes. The enhanced data confidence reported by our customers testifies to ACDC’s capability to bolster data integrity.

A graph showing an increase in data confidence and a decrease in processing time after ACDC Implementation


Another core focus area of the survey was understanding the efficiency brought about by the implementation of ACDC. We asked our customers about the average time taken to capture the data from an accepted as-constructed plan to validated assets in their GIS system before and after the implementation of ACDC. Unanimously, each participating organization reported a decrease in the time required to process an accepted as constructed plan after ACDC was implemented.

In the broader organizational context, the efficiency gains reported translate into significant savings. With the reduction in time required for each project due to ACDC and considering the number of plans processed per year, these improvements culminate in substantial time savings on an annual scale. Based on the self-reported time savings data from this subset of customers, we found that on average, organizations saved 461 processing days per year after ACDC’s implementation.

The data from the customer survey underscores ACDC’s potential as a tool for not only improving data accuracy and streamlining processes but also contributing significantly to organizational efficiency and success.

"Having a single point of contact (the ACDC Portal) for all as-con submissions and having Developers 'self-serve' is brilliant"

Benefits of ACDC

There are a number of key factors that set ACDC apart as a premium solution. Offered on both the Portal and Desktop, ACDC accommodates your operational preferences on premise and for external contractors. The ACDC Portal aids in project management through streamlined documentation, workflows, and group notifications. The ACDC Desktop provides an integrative configuration environment for GIS and CAD properties.

To ensure data integrity, ACDC allows data creators to validate data and drawings pre-submittal. ACDC is fully customizable for both CAD and GIS requirements and provides a configuration tool that integrates CAD and GIS features functions and capabilities while creating your desired validation rules and parameters. ACDC supports extensive validation rules for attribute data, topology, and spatial relationships. Also, upon drawing validation ACDC identifies errors directly in the drawings and provides details of each error.

Bar graph showing the amount of plans validated on the ACDC Portal over the years.
Increase in validations over the years on the ACDC Portal

For users using A-SPEC, ACDC stands out as the sole solution offering comprehensive toolkits for all A-SPEC disciplines. With compatibility for both CAD and GIS data, it simplifies data capture while facilitating compliance with A-SPEC from the outset, thereby reducing the need for subsequent reworks.

With a maturity of over 10 years and a proven track record (the ACDC Portal has processed over 10,000 validations for 2,000 projects), ACDC offers reliability alongside its robust feature set.

To sum up, ACDC delivers a comprehensive, efficient, and reliable solution that significantly enhances data compliance, quality and operational efficiency.


Validate and Automate Electronic Design Submittals

With ACDC you can easily validate and transform design information stored in As-Constructed drawings to GIS and Enterprise Asset Management information without capturing the data.

ACDC manages submitted data, validates its quality against organizational and industry standards and transforms it into geospatial and asset management information which can be automatically loaded into GIS and CMMS/AMS systems with minimum disruption to current workflows.

ACDC saves time and radically improves data quality through self-validation before approval submittal and then automates the direct creation of GIS data and/or loading of spatial and attribute data using pre-configured or user-defined standards.


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