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Radically improve
your workflow

  • Save time and money by reducing infrastructure data backlog and improving data currency and quality

  • Define and extend your standard for as-builts based on industry standards or your own internal specifications

  • Provide detailed information to engineers and other consultants to use on projects

Get ready for a new level of data validation with Open Spatial’s process workflow improvement solution. ACDC (As-Constructed Design Certification) allows you to manage submitted data, validate its quality and transform it into geospatial and asset management information that’s ready to load directly in your GIS and CMMS/AMS systems with little to no disruption to your current workflows.


A new level of data validation against published as-built standards, prior to electronic submittal and data acceptance, the ACDC Portal allows organisations to support, check and effectively realise the benefits of their chosen standard in a consistent, automated workflow from specification, through validation and acceptance and into direct data conversion and incorporation into GIS and asset management system.


Simple. Robust. Smart.

  • No need for programming knowledge or specialized software

  • Database-driven spatial analysis is accomplished through a web-browser, eliminating reliance on client-side software, reducing the cost of ownership and the need for on-going support, frequent upgrades and costly maintenance.

  • Reach across corporate applications to bring spatial and attribute data together for clearer, more accurate presentation

Adding location to data brings value and dimension to your information. enlighten is designed to reach across your corporate applications to bring spatial and attribute data together for clearer, more accurate presentation. Easy to deploy and configure, enlighten’s seamless integration enables users to quickly define searches, query data and retrieve critical information from multiple data sources.


Bridge the Gap
Between CAD and GIS

  • Seamlessly integrates with a variety of maintenance management and financial systems

  • Information is available to GIS applications from ESRI, Intergraph, and MapInfo

  • Multi-user access to a single seamless database using familiar tools

Many organizations face a similar challenge—integrating their drawer full of drawings with a growing GIS. There can be a significant cost, both of staff time and money, for straddling two systems. With Open Spatial’s asset mapping solution Munsys, you don’t have to worry about losing your data or the extra effort it takes to manage two systems. The integration that Munsys offers with AutoCAD, Oracle, and its adoption of Open GIS standards, solves this problem.

Munsys complements existing systems by allowing different applications to share the same high-quality information without data duplication, letting you to choose the applications you need to run your organization. And, because Munsys is built on AutoCAD design software, you can leverage the investment you have already made in end-user training.

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