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Open Spatial Announces the Release of Enlighten 4.2.2

Open Spatial is pleased to announce the release of enlighten 4.2.2. This latest version builds upon the existing architecture to offer enhanced features and performance improvements designed to simplify and optimize your workflow.

Highlighted Features of Open Spatial's enlighten 4.2.2

Improved Redline Functionality

In enlighten 4.2.2, redline functionality has been updated to include the ability to copy multiple selected geometry types directly to the redline layer. This fine-tuning allows for a more efficient and streamlined editing process.

Enhanced Geoscans Utilization

Utilization of Geoscans has been improved with the correct layer order being applied and the preview image being clearly presented, providing a more accurate and visually pleasing Geoscan output.

Streamlined Tooltips

Navigating through advanced forms has been made simpler. Tooltips now provide the ability to link directly to the advanced forms, effectively reducing the number of clicks required to navigate to the appropriate advanced form.

Performance Improvements

Beyond these feature updates, fine-tuning the application has resulted in an improvement in the overall performance of the application. Users will now experience a more responsive and quicker operational environment.

Get the Latest Version

To benefit from these new features and improvements, please head over to the Downloads page (login required) on the Open Spatial website to upgrade to enlighten 4.2.2.

We thank you for your continued trust in Open Spatial as your premier geospatial solution provider. As always, for any questions or support needs, our dedicated team is here to assist you.


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