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South Australia Water

South Australia Water revolutionizes plan submittal process with Open Spatial’s ACDC

South Australia Water radically refined its data quality and efficiency using Open Spatial’s As-Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) to transform an inefficient paper-based system to an automated assessment process that dramatically improves plan submittal and turnaround.

ACDC enables automated assessment, meaning the capture, validation and processing of “As-Constructed” digital drawings. ACDC delivers a web portal for uploading CAD drawings, managing submitted data, and validating its quality against internal or industry standards such as ADAC. The process involves minimum disruption of current workflow while errors and inconsistencies are automatically flagged before plan submittal.

ACDC ensures high quality data capture of information such as water and wastewater assets, including the 27,000 km of pipe maintained by South Australia Water. ACDC manages submitted data and confirms its quality against comprehensive data standards that increase focus on the data captured early in the process, during the design and drafting phase. Other innovations such as providing tools for designs to be pre-validated before submittal and enhancing validation techniques to include location, geometry and topology ensure accurate information. This, in turn, revolutionizes the quality and depth of data needed at the end of the process, during the data capture and conversion phase.

For South Australia Water, the migration to ACDC helps manage 300 major and 200 minor land divisions annually. It previously took up to 140 days from asset construction to the data being available in GIS for external projects, and up to 350 days from asset construction to the data being available in GIS for Internal projects. ACDC efficiently transforms data into asset information ready for automatic loading into GIS and CMMS/AMS systems.


South Australia Water

SA Water provides water services to more than 1.6 million South Australian customers and maintains and operates 10 metropolitan reservoirs. SA Water also looks after a network of pipes including 27,000km of water mains and 9,000km of sewer mains and is working to replace 375,700m of water mains by 2020.


  • Reducing time to update asset information to GIS

  • Ensuring data quality and consistency


  • ACDC portal runs on a cutting-edge platform allowing fast online data validation and cloud-based capacity

  • All projects use the same template

  • Engineers and consultants can run validation prior to plan submittal

  • Errors and inconsistencies are automatically flagged before submittal

  • Validation can be done in-house or via the As-Constructed web portal

  • Asset data transformed for automatic loading into GIS and CMMS/AMS systems

  • Significant reduction in plan checking time

  • Radically improved data quality


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