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Snowy Monaro
Regional Council

Snowy Monaro Regional Council improves asset information
with cloud and managed services from Open Spatial

Snowy Monaro Regional Council (SMRC) now has accurate asset information available in the cloud for improved maintenance, management and planning activities. With the engagement of Managed Services from Open Spatial and the provision of the Open Spatial Asset management solution, SMRC has triumphed over a range of data challenges by the consolidation of disparate, incomplete and outdated information into a single, accurate source of data for the underground asset mapping.

We now have efficient ways to access data remotely and have high quality maps of our water and sewer connections as well as other information about land and property.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council (SMRC), home to Perisher and Thredbo Ski Resorts in the Australian Alps, manages nearly 3,000 water connections, mostly residential, and during peak ski season the connections are used heavily with the population in Jindabyne nearly tripling. High traffic in the winter can cause issues that must be solved quickly.

“We need accurate information fast,” said Matthew O’Sullivan, ICT manager for Snowy River. “Before we began working with Open Spatial, our data was incorrect and in a variety of formats, and the process of fixing errors in the field was tedious. We now have efficient ways to access data remotely and have high quality maps of our water and sewer connections as well as other information about land and property in Snowy River.”

Open Spatial began providing Managed Services to Snowy River in 2012 using Open Spatial’s enlighten, a web-based geospatial portal and integration platform. Enlighten was available in the cloud to Snowy River staff and usage increased with training webinars. Other Open Spatial solutions, including Munsys, were used to link GIS and CAD information for migration of water and sewer data to a single source in Oracle. Other upgrades included the addition of road, land and property information to build a complete asset management inventory. The addition of planning information and related plot applications to Enlighten have also proved invaluable time-savers for staff assessing applications, and those staff are now some of the heaviest users of Enlighten.

Managed Services through Open Spatial included a project manager working with the implementation team at Snowy River and regular meetings to resolve issues and check progress.

“Open Spatial delivered a clear road map to dramatically upgrade our data and provided us with accurate documentation of the processes,” said O’Sullivan.


Snowy Monaro Regional Council

Snowy Monaro Regional Council (SMRC) in New South Wales is home to Perisher and Thredbo ski resorts. The population ranges from about 8,000 * to more than 20,000 in ski season. Snowy River covers about 6,000 km2 of land with approximately half in the National Park.

* 2015 estimate Australian Bureau of Statistics


  • Spatial Data in a variety of formats

  • Inaccurate and outdated information

  • No staff to update data

  • Limited skillset at Snowy River

  • CAD data not incorporated with water and sewer information

  • Limited query and design capability

  • No asset management system

  • Difficulty editing and copying data

  • Issues with dispatching data to remote sites

  • Council at risk due to inaccurate asset information


  • Access to Open Spatial solutions including Munsys, enlighten and ACDC

  • Single source of data for all underground mapping

  • All upgrades managed by Open Spatial

  • Efficient ways to access data remotely

  • High quality map layouts

  • Broad skillset available to Snowy River


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