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Open Spatial Launches Enlighten 4.2.1 Providing Technical and Functional Improvements

Sydney, Australia – 28 February 2023 – Open Spatial, a leading provider of spatial data management solutions, is pleased to announce the release of enlighten 4.2.1, the latest version of its popular software for database-driven spatial analysis through a web browser.

Enlighten 4.2.1 features significant improvements in the way georeferenced plans from Munsys (Geoscans) are displayed and organized in enlighten. This minor release also includes a range of enhancements, such as improved querying and display, as well as improvements in network trace and shut-off blocks, to provide even more value and increased productivity to enlighten users.

Figure 1: Munsys - Georeferenced plans in Munsys for heads-up digitizing

The Geoscan display has been improved in enlighten to effectively and efficiently complete the workflow and make it available to end users. This includes plans that are geo-referenced (locate, scale, and rotate) in Munsys using AutoCAD and then used for heads-up digitizing (refer to Figure 1). With enlighten, these plans can be displayed in a browser map and toggled on or off as an underlay image. Additionally, they can be opened as a linked document (refer to Figure 2).

Figure 2: Enlighten - View plans as underlays and drill down

Regarding the release, Open Spatial’s Chief Technology Officer, Johan Nel, shares, “In addition to the expansion of Geoscan functionality, enlighten 4.2.1 is a significant milestone toward providing the building blocks in our preparation for a significant modern update to the product. We have been working on improving the security and integration interfaces to the latest technologies.”

Colin Hobson, Open Spatial’s CEO, adds, “We are pleased that enlighten 4.2.1 is available, providing new and improved functionality, and can be downloaded from the Open Spatial website by registered customers.”

Open Spatial also offers training and support services to ensure that users can take full advantage of the new features and capabilities of the software.

For more information about enlighten, please visit the Open Spatial website at or contact the sales team at

About Open Spatial:

Open Spatial is a leading provider of spatial data management solutions for organizations in a wide range of industries. With over a decade of experience in the field, Open Spatial has built a reputation for delivering innovative and easy-to-use solutions that help users to make better decisions and extract valuable insights from their spatial data.

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