Sweetwater Springs

Water District

Sweetwater Springs Water District moves from paper maps to Open Spatial’s hosted asset inventory mapping solution

Sweetwater Springs Water District (CA) provides water distribution and maintenance services to five townships adjacent to the Russian River—Guerneville, Rio Nido, Guernewood Park, Villa Grande and Monte Rio. The District’s water supply comes from wells near the river and the distribution facilities consist of two separate water systems: one in Guerneville with three wells and the other in Monte Rio with two wells.

Now, we have a complete asset map that we can  work on making as accurate as possible and continue to keep up-to-date.The district’s mission is to provide customers with quality water in an open, accountable, and cost-effective manner and to manage resources for the benefit of the community and environment. For the small in-house team, this translates to a need for access to complete, reliable, searchable data.

“Our water distribution is the result of water lines being installed over the last 100+ years,” says Steve Mack, General Manager. “All of our data was recorded and managed manually through the use of paper maps and record plans which have incomplete or, at times, incomplete data. Now, we have a complete asset map that we can  work on making as accurate as possible and continue to keep up-to-date. If a pipe breaks, we can go directly to the online map for the information we need to respond quickly and communicate with our customers.”

Streamlining Efficiencies

With Open Spatial’s hosted solution, Sweetwater Springs is able to access complete, reliable data online and manage a variety of functions such as add water line breaks, record information and track repairs and the condition of the line. Using the online map, staff can zoom to affected areas and quickly access infrastructure attributes or add new information as redlines (markups).

Next Steps

Now that Sweetwater Springs has an accessible map-based solution in place, staff have a fresh start. “With our consolidated data set in place, we can begin making corrections where appropriate, adding service connections and connect parcels, customers and billing accounts on the map,” remarked Mack. “And, get all of that built-up institutional knowledge captured the asset inventory!”


Sweetwater Springs Water District


Sweetwater Springs Water District was established in 1988 and serves approximately 3,000 accounts (95% residential. Comprised of about 9,000 persons.


  • Paper-based mapping system with incomplete and out-of-date information which created difficulties for operations crews and management and planning
  • A build-up of institutional knowledge about the distribution system among long-standing staff members who will be retiring soon


  • Complete, reliable system asset map and inventory database that can easily viewed, queried, corrected and updated
  • Plotting functionality for map sheets from the browser as and when needed
  • Efficient access to information for communicating with customers
  • Ability to identify valves to shut off to isolate water breaks
  • Ability to mark District projects, water leaks, and other important geodata